Will You Fall for the Trap? Test Your Email Security Knowledge

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Phishing Facts: 6.1 Billion – number of phishing emails sent world-wide each month $1,200 – average loss to each person/company successfully phished (Federal Trade Commission) USA – the country hosting the most phishing sites (Anti-Phishing Working Group) Phishing Test One of our partners SonicWALL, has a free Phishing test. Phishing attacks are one of the ways networks are compromised. They … Read More

How Smart Can a Multifunction Printer Really Be?

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Job titles may not be all that different than they were 5 or even 10 years ago, but the way we work sure has changed. Today, files are stored in the cloud, we answer e-mails on a walk around the block and sign documents using a stylus instead of a pen. And who back then could have envisioned printers that … Read More

8 Tips for Preparing Your 2017 IT Budget

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While some small businesses do not bother with budgets, they can be quite useful. Besides helping you manage costs, a budget can highlight areas where you might need to invest more resources. It can also keep you on track in meeting your financial goals. Here are eight tips that can help you prepare an effective IT budget for 2017: 1. … Read More

What to Include in a Laptop Security Policy

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The portability of laptops makes them handy but also easy to steal or lose. Although replacing a missing company laptop is expensive, the consequences are much more serious if the missing laptop contains sensitive data. Having sensitive data lost or stolen exposes the company to problems such as the loss of consumer confidence and legal action. You can help secure … Read More

4 Steps for Creating a Business Continuity Plan

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Developing strategies for business growth is a cornerstone of the modern organization. Developing strategies to help avoid business loss is just as important, which means business continuity plans are critical. These documents provide detailed plans on how to keep essential operations running during an emergency in order to minimize losses. Some organizations call these documents "disaster recovery plans." Others use … Read More